Sunday, January 6, 2019

In My Home This Week (December 31-January 5)

Hello, friends!

Well, here we are. Almost a full week in a new year! It's been a fairly quiet week here as the kids didn't have to go back to school until Wednesday. We stayed in for New Year's, as we usually do. I bought snack food for our dinner and we went out for a nice lunch. The place we went to has reduced prices at lunch time, so that was a nice savings there. Here's what went on in my home this week:

~stayed in for New Year's Eve and had a quiet evening at home.

~got back into our normal routine

~DS13 had a friend spend the night and I bought them pizza, using a coupon. Saved $13

~worked on a swap I'm participating using only items I have on hand, even though I'm itching to buy new paper. lol!

~made meals using some leftovers from Christmas that I had previously frozen

~used some avocados that were getting a bit too ripe to make chocolate avocado mousse before they went bad

~stayed at home most of the week, combing errands and grocery shopping, to save on gas

I think that is about all, this week. As I said, it was fairly quiet. Now to take down the Christmas tree! It's usually done by now, but we had several days of rain and I couldn't get out to the shed to get the storage boxes!