Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Menu for the Week (November 26-December 2)

It is only Tuesday and yet it feels like it should be Friday already. Yesterday was a very long, tiring day. There was really nothing unusual about it, really. It was just an ordinary day, but it seemed to be filled to the brim with activity. There was laundry and domestic duties, a friend taking me to lunch, making dinner, picking up oldest daughter, taking oldest son to music rehearsal and scouts. It just never seemed to end. At any rate, here's the menu for this week (that I meant to post on Sunday!)

Ham Frittata
Steamed broccoli
Leftover Jello salad
Fresh pineapple

Thai Chicken (pressure cooker)
Steamed broccoli

Mashed potatoes
Sauteed green beans
Sauteed zucchini

Turkey Tetrazzini

Pork chops
Homemade chunky applsauce
Roasted cabbage
Squash casserole

Out to eat


For more menu inspiration, check out orgjunkie.com!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

In My Home This Week (November 19-25)

Hello! It was a busy, but oddly not rushed week this week in my home. Here's what went on:

1. I downloaded several free Kindle books and enjoyed a few during some downtime.  Others will have to wait.

2. The living room project was completed! I am so thankful! There is one little detail that needs attention, and I don't know when it will be addressed, but for the most part, it is done! What a transformation, too! I will post pictures later this week.

3. Way back in July I posted that I had been cleaning like a madwoman getting ready for out of town company. Well, that same company was here for Thanksgiving and the house was even cleaner! I am loving how clean, calming, and peaceful it is. This week I will clean and organize the linen closet, under the kitchen sink, and the laundry area and my home will be a restful haven :)

4. I've been trying to cut back on potatoes recently, and have discovered that rutabaga makes a nice alternative. Currently, my favorite way to prepare this vegetable, is to dice it like you would a potato, and then brown it in butter with some salt to taste.

5. I don't go out on Black Friday if I can help it, but this year my oldest daughter wanted to go to Joann's, so we went. I was able to pick up some patterns (Simplicity...5/$5), some fabric for a skirt, fabric for an undergarment, and fabric for a Christmas stocking for less than the price of one of the patterns full price. I also went by there on Saturday and they had fabric on sale that hadn't been on sale Friday and I purchased some to make a Christmas gift for my youngest daughter.

6. I gratefully accepted some rosemary and apples from my out of town guest.

7. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Let the Countdown Begin!

Oh my word! Can you believe it's November already? Where on earth has the time gone? I sure don't know! Three weeks from today it will Thanksgiving! I don't know about you, but house is, well, not a wreck, but it could definitely use some sprucing up! I plan on working on one room at a time all next week and then maintaining through the holiday and beyond. Plus, there are a few side projects that need to be done too. Did I mention we're hosting this year? With some out of town relatives? Hello, stress! On top of all that, I drastically changed the way I eat in order to be healthier and to lose weight.

I'll be posting in here with before and after pictures of the house as I get things done. The biggest area will be the living room because we are repainting trim and putting down new carpet. Yes, before Thanksgiving! I'm also going to be giving the curtains a makeover. One of the people that will be for Thanksgiving is my mom and, while I love her to pieces, the woman is a snoop! That being said, I need to dive into some of the closets and get them straightened out. The shower needs a really good scrub. More than the lick and a promise it usually gets. Things like that.

I've already written the menu and made my grocery list so I can start picking things up. I actually bought the turkey last week (21lbs for $10!) Here's the menu:

Mashed potatoes*
Sweet potatoes*
Broccoli Parmesan Souffle
Macaroni and cheese
Loaded cauliflower
Green bean casserole*
Relish Tray
Deviled Eggs (two kinds)
Cranberry sauce
Jello salad*
Sparkling Apple Cider*
Pumpkin roll
Oreo stuff
Another dessert*

*someone will be bringing