Sunday, July 16, 2017

In My Home This Week (July 10-16)

It was a pretty quiet week this week. Not a whole lot going on, which was nice. My oldest boy was at scout camp and my two younger ones spent some time with one set of their grandparents. My oldest girl and I spent some one on one time together. I will say was hot, hot, hot! We did stay indoors most of the time!

1. Finished the Agatha Raisin series by M.C. Beaton (there's a new book coming in October!)

2. Continued the Hamish Macbeth series, also by M.C. Beaton (all books coming from the library)

3. Used the oven as little as possible. When I did use it, I did my best to use it in the morning hours before it got to hot.

4. Worked on maintaining the cleanliness in my home. So far, so good.

5. In conjunction with the above, I started working in earnest on making a schedule that works for me. I'm still working on it, but it's almost there.

Really, that's about it.

Hope you had a good week!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Menu Plan Monday (July 10-16)

Hi there!

Boy, with company and getting my oldest boy read for scout camp, last week really flew by! I can't believe it is Monday again already :) I am enjoying these lazy days of summer. All too soon it will be back to school time (do you know there are several stores in my area putting BTS items out!!!) and a more hectic pace as we go from school, to dinner, homework, and nightly activities. I've actually started thinking about my fall menus and things I plan on cooking, utilizing my helpers the crock pot and the electric pressure cooker. However, no matter how fast time seems to be flying, there are still several weeks of glorious summer and I tend to enjoy them! Here's the menu for this week:

French toast waffles
Hash browns
Corned beef hash
Scrambled eggs
(did not get made last week)

Creamy Italian Chicken
Spiral pasta
Green beans
(did not get made last week)

Cheeseburger pie
Carrots with Ranch dressing


Going out

Tostados salad

Marinated pork chops
Cucumber salad
Cheesy creamed spinach
Noodles with homemade Alfredo sauce

For more menu ideas, check out!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

In My Home This Week (July 3-9)

In My Home This Week

It was a busy week at my house this week. We had out of town company for a few days and then my oldest son left for Boy Scout camp today and we were packing him up for that. I admit I've been pretty lax in the housekeeping department for some time, so a good portion of the beginning of the week was spent cleaning in preparations for our company. I'm very proud to report that the house is cleaner than ever (even cleaner, I think, then when we moved in!) and I've been diligently outlining a plan to help me keep it this way.

In other news, I've been becoming reacquainted with my local library. Over the past several weeks I've started several new to me mystery series, checked out several cookbooks, and have been studying some "self improvement" books. Here's what else went on in my home this week:

1. One of the series I read was the Darling Dahlia series by Susan Wittig Albert. It was a delightful series, set in the 1930's. Several recipes were included in each book and I've tried a few. This recipe is for a white sauce to put on barbecue, as opposed to the traditional red sauce.You may also serve it with chicken. It's delicious!!! Combine 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 2 Tbsp white vinegar, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1-2 tsp horseradish, 1/2 tsp ground pepper, and a dash of salt.

2. I bought some hair color on sale and colored my hair at home.

3. I trimmed my oldest boys hair.

4. I accepted an old, fabric covered bulletin board from a friend. I've taken the old fabric off and will replace it with some fabric I have on hand.

5. I'll be giving a class on wool felt applique to my needlework guild this year, so I did some research on a suitable project. I think I've found one, but just to be sure I'm making up a sample. I cut the pieces today with some wool felt I had on hand and will stitch it up this week.

6. I made banana pudding for a birthday gift and used the egg whites left from making the custard to make mini pavlova for dessert one night.

7. I purged and cleaned like a madwoman. lol

8. I went to the library twice.

9. I stopped by a thrift that I don't normally get to shop at and found two skirts, a top, and a pair of shoes.

10. I found rotisserie chickens marked down to $3. I bought 5. This was yesterday. Last night I picked all the meat off the bones and bagged up the meat and bones separately. I'm out of quart sized bags, so I'll pick some up tomorrow, divide the meat up, and freeze it. I'll use the bones to make chicken broth.

I think that's about it, though I'm sure there's more. It was a bit of a whirlwind!

Have a wonderful week! 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July! Normally my favorite holiday, I'm in a tizzy getting ready for out of town company to properly enjoy it. There's also rain in the forecast, so probably no fireworks, either. I'm hoping that the fireworks shows on tv won't be rained out and I can watch them there. Not quite the same, but still, it's something!

The out of town company will only be here Wednesday and Thursday, departing early Friday afternoon. If it weren't for the fact that the person coming is family and very critical, I wouldn't be doing half the things I have been. I'm not complaining too much, mind, as there are things getting done that should have been done ages ago (though it wasn't my fault that some of them didn't get done any earlier). I'm bound and determined to stick with the upkeep once it's finished. I used to follow a very detailed cleaning routine that fell by the wayside the last time I was severely depressed and I just haven't finished wading through the resulting buildup from that (as just the build up is depressing!). Getting ready for this visit though, I think I may see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!

I've got some leftovers to use up, so dinner will be a variation on a pork chop and rice casserole recipe I have. Should be tasty!

Have a wonderful day!

MPM (July 3-9)

Hi there!

Can you believe it's July already? It seems the kids just got out of school and here it is the third! Independence Day is literally just around the corner and time is flying by. My oldest (17) will be  graduating this year. She recently got the card with her senior portrait appointment on it and has signed up for her SAT. Scary stuff!

In other news, there is an interesting discussion going on over at The Bluebirds Are Nesting about food prices. It is so interesting to me how widely food prices can fluctuate. Not only from country to country or state to state, but even store to store! I usually shop four stores, sometimes five, and I may be adding a sixth if I ever find the time to stop in and check it out! My first store is Aldi. We didn't always have an Aldi's here. In fact, I don't think it has been here quite a year, but there are now several open and there is another one getting ready to open by my house. I get a lot of staples there (flour, sugar, ect) plus gluten free items because the price is so good.

The second store I go to is Kroger. They always have good sales and it is my favorite place for butter (especially when it goes on sale for $1.99...but that is only once a year, near the holidays). I can sometimes find good prices on meat if they are having a sale, too. Oh, and canned vegetables. I love their brand and they are always on sale!

The third store I frequent is Food Lion. I get the bulk of my produce here and it is fairly good quality at my store. The price is right, too. I'll pick other things up here, also, if they are on sale, such as seltzer water or meat.

Number four is the Walmart Neighborhood Market. I don't go here as much as I do the others, but when I do it's for dry goods such as rice or coffee. This is also the only place I can get Zote for my laundry detergent.

The fifth (which is my favorite, but is an hour and a half away) is Wegman's. I only get to go there every few months, but when I do, I stock up on eggs, peanut butter, and hot dogs. The prices on their eggs ($1.79 for 3 dozen) and peanut butter ($7.49 for two 40oz jars) are fantastic and the hot dogs (Huffman brand) are the only ones my kids will eat. lol.

On occasion, I go to a local store that often has good prices on meat and has bulk spices.

The store that I haven't checked out yet is Lidl. There is one that opened right by my house, I just haven't had the time and when I have, the store has been packed. I'm sure I'll get by there one of these days!

On to the menu for this week:

Taking the kids to Wendy's for a rare treat

Creamy Italian chicken
Green beans

French toast waffles
Hash browns
Corned beef hash
Scrambled eggs

Company from out of town--
taking them out

Hamburger steak
Mashed potatoes


Sausage frittata
Browned potatoes

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