Sunday, March 26, 2017

This Week's Menu (March 26-April 1)

It's over! It's over! The spaghetti dinner has come and gone for another year. And I was able to get my oldest to her ring dance (she had a fabulous time!) I admit, I slept in today, but I certainly needed it! Now I can turn my attention to something else: spring cleaning!

Even though spring arrived last week on the calendar, it's been pretty chilly. This week though, the temperatures will be more spring like :) I'm hoping to get some gardening done and definitely work on a few major areas that need cleanup in the house. Next week is spring break and the kids will be gone. I plan on doing some more sprucing up, most notably putting a fresh coat of paint on the front porch and screen door, painting the half bath, and working in the garden. I also plan to clean under the boys' bed. That should be an adventure! The major areas I'm hitting this week are my desk and the laundry area. If I can get by the dollar store for some bins, I might organize my paper craft area, too! On to this week's menu!

Pan fried pork chops
Creamed spinach
Parmesan roasted potatoes

Will not be home

Garlic lime chicken
Fresh green beans

Sausage and cheese crustless quiche
Spinach Apple Salad
Browned potatoes

Chicken Enchiladas
Steamed broccoli


Either soup and sandwich or Tostados salad

What's on your menu? For inspiration, check out!

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