Sunday, December 4, 2016

In My Home This Week (Nivember 28-December 4)

Hello friends!
Can you believe we are already in December? Just a few short weeks until Christmas. I find it difficult to wrap my mind around it! Our December calendar is already filling up with activities. I purchased a calendar for next year this week so that I can start adding in January activities as the need arises. Here's what went on in my home this week:

1. I wasn't feeling well at the beginning of the week, so I didn't get much done at all. Thankfully I'm feeling better and I was able to do a few things towards the end of the week.

2. I made Butterscotch muffins for breakfast one day this week. I've been using this recipe for a long time and change the pudding to change the muffin. I've used this recipe to make blueberry and chocolate chocolate chip muffins, too. I wrote about it here.

3.I have lived in my current city for three years. The other day I finally went and got my library card! I checked out several mysteries (my favorite genre) and next plan on spending time finding some research books on herbal remedies, gardening, and maybe a cook book or two.

4. I got it into my head to clean the outside of my electric kettle. It was looking pretty dull. Considering I've had it for three years and barely wipe the outside of it, I shouldn't really be surprised. I sprayed it with my cleaning solution (vinegar and water) and had very minor success. So I sprayed it again and let it sit for several minutes. It came off a little better, but I really had to use some elbow grease and it wasn't all coming off. Hmmmm, I thought. What can I do? And then it came to me. Baking soda! I'm sure you were thinking that, right? :) I took a damp paper towel, dipped it in baking soda and rubbed it on the still wet from the cleaning spray electric kettle. It worked! The film came right off and it looks as good as new!

5. The kids and I put up the Christmas tree this week and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. We enjoyed mugs of hot coco with peppermint whipped cream while we watched. The tree looks a little funny though...we only decorated the top half so the puppy wouldn't get any ideas about ornaments hanging from the bottom! lol!

6. I put up the winter decorations in the house. I'll share them later this week.

7. I read five of the eight books I got from the library. I started number six today.


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