Sunday, October 30, 2016

MPM (October 31-November 6)

Hi there!

Last week was much busier than I originally thought it would be, but in a way I'm glad, because I was able to become intimate with my pressure cooker. I've had a small one for years that I've basically never touched. DH would use it on occasion, but that was about it. Then, several years ago at a youth group rummage sale, I found a new, 12 qt pressure canner and cooker for...$8. At the time I wasn't interested in the cooker part...I wanted the canner. So, we bought it and I never ever used it until---a few weeks ago when I canned pumpkin! Whew! Was there ever a celebration going on when I did that! Somehow, that one small act of canning something in a pressure canner really opened my eyes. Last week, I used my new BFF four times! I used it for the roast on Sunday (spectacular), the chicken on Monday (fantastic), the pasta on Wednesday (delicious), and pork chops on Thursday (they were okay, but it was the cut of the pork chop, not the cooker, that was the problem). This thing is life changing, I'm telling you. Oh, and I even used it to can some carnitas, so it did double duty :) Thankfully, DS14 just finished marching band season, so the schedule is calming down slightly (he does have steel drum practice twice a week and scouts).

In other news, my house is slowly becoming decluttered and clean. There are a few major areas that need it, but the majority of them are "under wraps", so to speak. I've been slightly under the weather, so I gave myself permission to slack off the weekend, but I'll be back at it today. I try to do an area at a time so that I don't become too overwhelmed, but the areas that are left are pretty daunting. BUT...I am really loving how wonderful the clean areas are looking (and staying!) and I want the rest of the house to follow suit (even the places most people coming into the house won't see!) That is kind of annoyance with me about my Mother. lol. Her house generally looks "perfect" and when she comes over to my house and gives it a once over with a critical eye and it's *not* prefect, she tends to make snide comments. However, if you were to go into a room in her house with a closed door, or open a cabinet, or anything of that nature, the illusion of perfect is pretty much shattered. I will say that she's trying to do better in that regard, but it's even more slow than at my place. ha! And she keeps trying to foist things on to me. The only things I've said yes to were some clothes (she always has nice things) and...a pressure cooker :) (Yes, I now have three. And I'm getting an Instant Pot for Christmas)

Enough babbling! On to the menu!

Monday (Halloween)- going to the mall and eating there (my two youngest are almost to old for trick or treat!)

Tuesday- Jamaican Brown Chicken Stew (going to try it in the pressure cooker), rice

Wednesday- Ham and cheese quiche, potatoes browned in butter, steamed broccoli

Thursday- Tuna patties, salmon patties, rice, green beans, corn

Friday- date night

Saturday- Some kind of soup (not sure what yet...and probably in the pressure cooker!)

Sunday- Crock chicken and autumn vegetables, creamed spinach, sauteed zucchini

For more menu ideas and inspiration, check out!

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  1. My mom used a pressure cooker alot when I was younger. I do remember one time she was making spaghetti and something went wrong. It blew off the top and spaghetti went all over the ceiling!
    Good for you on the cleaning and decluttering! That was something I spent the first 6 months of this year doing. We then had a huge garage sale with the unneeded items. I was selling stuff for a dollar or less and we still made almost 200 dollars.