Friday, August 26, 2016

MPM (August 29-September 4)

Hello again! This summer just keeps marching on, doesn't it? We have one more birthday to go in our celebrations and school is starting in just 11 days! The countdown is on! I have loved every minute of the summer, but I am so ready to get back into routines and cooler weather. We are actually starting to have cooler mornings and evenings here, though the days are still rather warm. I am still busy cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing. I have gotten quite a bit done, although there is always more to do, it seems. My next project (hopefully tomorrow) will be the pantry. Along with that are a few shelves in the garage that I will be using for bulk item storage. Once I get my panty cleaned and organized, my next goal will be to fill it. I read somewhere (PW, I believe), that you should have three of everything in your pantry. I thought about it and think that's a pretty good idea.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here, but I subscribe to Patsi's way of thinking when it comes to a pantry. It's not just food. I have a dry goods pantry, my freezer pantry, sewing pantry, ect. So I made a list of all the things that fit my idea of a pantry and I will soon be on a mission to fill them up!

Oh, and yes, I realize it's a Friday. I write my menu and grocery list on Thursday and go shopping on Friday, so my menu usually goes from Friday to Thursday. If I wait until Monday, I usually forget to post it. Here we go:

Monday- French Canadian Chicken, rice, green beans

Tuesday- Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, whipped Jello

Wednesday- Italian pork chops, gluten free rolls, salad, fresh fruit

Thursday- Ham Tetrazzini, leftover rolls and salad

Friday- Lime Pepper Chicken, new potatoes browned in butter, steamed broccoli

Saturday- Date Night

Sunday- Marinated pork chops, cucumber salad, cheesy creamed spinach, cottage potatoes

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