Sunday, May 15, 2016

Menu Plan Monday (May 16-22)

Whew! I have been so busy that I haven't had time to post here lately. You may remember me mentioning cleaning and organizing? Well, I'm still going at it. I'll be sharing before and after pictures later this week (Friday) of the areas I've worked on so far. Some areas I will still need to go back to and organize them even better than they are, but for now, they are cleaned up and organized in a fashion. Or will be by the end of the week! :)

Just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been menu planning. Honestly, next to a really good evening routine, having a menu plan in place is key to keeping things running smoothly while I try and get work done in the house. Here's what's going on this week:


Tangy ham steak (grill)
Cheesy scalloped potatoes
Broccoli salad (like pea salad, but with broccoli)
Fresh corn


Gingered skewered beef
Green beans


My Mother's birthday so we're going out!


Jamaican Brown Chicken Stew

(I've been craving this recipe and can't wait to make it!)




Not sure yet. Something easy!


Pork shoulder with gravy
Roasted potatoes
Spinach salad

Head on over to for menu inspiration!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Menu Plan Monday (May 2-8)

Hi there!
Can you believe it's May already? It seems like the year has hardly started and yet, it's almost halfway done. I know I didn't get a menu posted last week, but I was nursing sick children, working on some projects, and nursing my own cold. I think it was Thursday before I realized I hadn't posted it! This week has some fun "holidays" in it though, and I'm really looking forward to them! Here we go:


Biscuits and gravy
Ham and spinach refrigerator pie
Sausage refrigerator pie
Fruit salad


Homemade pizza

Wednesday (Star Wars Day!)

Boba Fett-ucini
Death Star garlic knots
Yoda soda
Bossk Brownies

Thursday (Cinco de Mayo)

Semi-Homemade Tres Leches Cake (gluten free)




Some kind of soup, I think

Sunday (Mother's Day)

Cookout at the park (menu still being determined)

It's pretty late here (I've been dealing with insomnia lately), so I'm going to go try and sleep. I'll be back later this week with some recipes to share. In the meantime, check out for menu inspiration!