Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pocket Letter Pals

I was watching videos on youtube the other day when the person on video started babbling about pocket letters. What in the world was a pocket letter, I wondered. I didn't get to find out from that particular video, because frankly the voice was a bit monotone and she was really dragging it out and I started to nod off. Instead, I did the next best thing and used google. Am I ever glad I did! Pocket letters are a new way to old fashioned pen pals!
    Did you ever have a pen pal? I had a few and I remember them fondly. I also remember the excitement when I would arrive home from school and there would be an envelope or two for me. What fun to read about what someone else was doing. Sometimes we'd exchange little trinkets, a bookmark perhaps. One pen pal and I would exchange mixed tapes (yes, it was the 80's!). Pocket letters incorporate a trading card page and you insert little things into the pockets. One should be a letter, but then, anything goes! And for added fun, you can embellish the pockets. Sometimes when you swap they'll be a theme involved. Here a few examples:

And then they fit perfectly in a binder! I did some more poking around the web and found this site. After registering (for free), I am now signed up for three swaps and am doing an independent Dr Who swap with someone. I was so excited I went shopping today to prepare. Here's my haul:
Would you believe that all of this cost me right around $20? You can't even really see everything I got. I found some cool stuff at the Dollar Tree, hit the Dollar Spot at Target, and snagged some awesome deals at Michael's and Joann's. I'll share my pocket letters as I finish them.

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