Monday, April 18, 2016

Menu Plan Monday (April 18-24) 2016

Last week really flew by, didn't it?! As mentioned, I am busy cleaning, declutter, and organizing. Still a lot to do, but everyday it gets better. Each day I add something new to my evening routine and I think I've almost got that down pretty pat. My morning routine is pretty easy peasy. I've had it down for awhile. I tell you, though, I am *loving* going into the kitchen in the morning and seeing clean counters! I almost always have to put a dish in the dishwasher though, because DH likes a "midnight snack" and for some reason lacks the ability to put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Whatever. Onto the plan so I can get back to cleaning. Working on the boys room (they have been told they *will* be responsible for keeping it that way when I'm done...just wait until you see the before and after. It's a disaster!)


Curried chicken (crock pot)
Green beans


Homemade pizza


Homemade tzatziki sauce
Homemade pita chips


Maple Mustard pork chops (recipe below)
Scalloped potatoes


French Market Soup (crock pot) (did not get made last week)


Two cheese macaroni bake (vegetarian) (did not get made last week)


Going out

Maple Mustard Pork Chops

This is so easy, I can't even call it a recipe. Mix together equal amounts of good quality maple syrup (not pancake syrup!) and stone ground mustard (I like Trader Joe's, but any stone ground mustard will do). Use this to marinate your chops for several hours, then grill. So tasty!

Head over to orgjunkie for tips, recipes, and ideas for your own menu plan.

Oh! Before I's a picture of my beautiful fridge. Isn't it gorgeous?


  1. My son has never had a pork chop or any pork other than bacon. I am making some this week for him. I will grill them plain this time and then try your recipe. Sound yummy!


  2. Let me know how you both like them!

  3. Hi Jen, I love the look of that well organised refrigerator! How did the rest of the family react when they opened the door? I'm really enjoying your blog as I think there are a few home truths hitting home! TFS.

    1. Thank you, Susan! My kids all love it, but my husband laughed at me and told me it wouldn't stay that way. Well, it's been almost two weeks now and it still looks great!

      I hope you'll come visit me again. I don't get to post often, but I do try and keep it real. I'll be posting before and after pictures of my boys room soon! 2015 is my year of organizing!