Sunday, May 7, 2017

Menu Plan (May 7-13)

Hi there!

I can not believe that it is May already! This year is really flying by! Before I know it, school will be out and we will be spending lazy days by the community pool, hopefully tending a garden (I know I'm getting a late start, but I'm still hopeful!), and getting ready for our July beach trip!

In other news, my parents are taking a trip with friends soon. They're going to New York and on the way home they will be staying in Amish Country. I'm excited to report that my Mother is going to look for some instant Clear Jel and some rennet tablets if they stop at an Amish store. I plan on making pie fillings and mozzarella cheese if she's able to find them.

This menu looked good when I made it, but now I don't feel well, so nothing looks good. lol! I'm sure the family will still enjoy it! Here's what's on the menu this week:

Spaghetti with homemade sauce
Homemade breadsticks


Chicken Lo Mein
Steamed broccoli

Sausage gravy
Scrambled eggs
Fruit salad

Pork loin
Parmesan potatoes
Green beans


Meatless Salisbury steak
Mashed potatoes

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

This Week's Menu (March 26-April 1)

It's over! It's over! The spaghetti dinner has come and gone for another year. And I was able to get my oldest to her ring dance (she had a fabulous time!) I admit, I slept in today, but I certainly needed it! Now I can turn my attention to something else: spring cleaning!

Even though spring arrived last week on the calendar, it's been pretty chilly. This week though, the temperatures will be more spring like :) I'm hoping to get some gardening done and definitely work on a few major areas that need cleanup in the house. Next week is spring break and the kids will be gone. I plan on doing some more sprucing up, most notably putting a fresh coat of paint on the front porch and screen door, painting the half bath, and working in the garden. I also plan to clean under the boys' bed. That should be an adventure! The major areas I'm hitting this week are my desk and the laundry area. If I can get by the dollar store for some bins, I might organize my paper craft area, too! On to this week's menu!

Pan fried pork chops
Creamed spinach
Parmesan roasted potatoes

Will not be home

Garlic lime chicken
Fresh green beans

Sausage and cheese crustless quiche
Spinach Apple Salad
Browned potatoes

Chicken Enchiladas
Steamed broccoli


Either soup and sandwich or Tostados salad

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Has Srping Sprung?

Hello, Friends!

Yesterday was the first day of spring! At least, that's what the calendar says :) The weather, of course, hasn't gotten the memo. Today though, is supposed to be a glorious 65 degrees before dipping back down into the 40's. I am so ready for the warmer weather! But, warm weather is not the only sign of spring. I have enjoyed my daffodils and crocus. There is new green growth on the lawn. A tree that we've had since we moved in is sporting new green leaves and, for the first time, it is flowering! We think it might be a pear tree! The birds are coming out and I love to listen to their cheerful chirping as they too, welcome a new season.

Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons. Who am I kidding? I truly love each season as each one is so different and has different things to offer. Spring is a wonderful season for cleaning. Yes, cleaning! I'm firmly in the midst of decluttering and organizing, sending out bags and bags to the charity shops. Letting go of things I no longer use or love. It's been wonderful! And I still have more to go! It's also a wonderful season for an impromptu picnic, if the weather is behaving. You don't even have to go far...the backyard would do just fine :) A blanket, easy food...everything tastes better outdoors. If you have a firepit, perhaps you could even roast hot dogs and make s'mores, though that conjures images of summer, and I'm not quite ready for that yet!

Easter is coming, too. Something else that I'm not quite ready for. Luckily it's a bit late this year, so I do have a little time to finish getting ready for it! I cam across this video today and I think it's such a great idea! With my youngest being 11, I was struggling with what to do for Easter. They have rapidly outgrown toys (mostly...the 11 and 12 year old still like them sometimes, but they are getting away from them) and they certainly don't need a ton of candy. I don't believe any of them need new bathing suits, as they all got new last year and everything still fits. But I love the concept and I can definitely work with it! 

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Are you enjoying the signs of spring?

This Weeks Menu (March 19-25)

This week is going to be busy, busy, busy, especially Saturday. There are three different events going on that day. One is an all day event (annual Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner) and it's sandwiched between two events for my oldest. The first starts at 4am(!) and the second is at 7pm. I'm exhausted just thinking about it! lol! Here's what is on the menu for this week:

Sunday: Beef stroganoff with homemade noodles, garlic green beans, biscuits

Monday: Won't be home

Tuesday: Honey garlic chicken, steamed broccoli, rice, baby carrots

Wednesday: Breakfast- sausage gravy, biscuits, corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, fruit salad

Thursday: Individual homemade pizza with choice of toppings (cheese, olives, spinach, sausage)

Friday: Not home

Saturday: Spaghetti dinner

What's on your menu this week? For inspiration, check out!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hi There!

Hello, Friends!

It's been some time, hasn't it? Life sure has been busy around here lately. I'm still working hard on my time management, but it hasn't quite come all together yet.

At the start of the year I really started letting things go around the house, but now I am more determined than ever to declutter and organize. I am definitely on a mission! Maybe it's spring fever? Speaking of spring, we are having some crazy weather! Last week we had some beautiful 70 degree weather, with one day even getting up into the 80's! Now they are calling for snow on Sunday! Can you believe that!?

I did manage to take my Valentine decor down in a timely fashion and I've put out my simple St Patrick's Day stuff. I've decided to change what I do for the rest of spring though. In the past I've put out Easter and that's stayed out until the end of May! I decided that was too long, but I didn't want to have Easter stuff out for a short time and have to come up with something else to put out. So, I'm going with a daisy theme. It's hard to put into words, but I can see it in my head. lol! They'll be a few Easter elements too, for the holiday, but not a lot.

Last month my needlwork guild had a booth (as we usually do) at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival. I'm co-chair, so January and February were quite busy! Plus, we are gearing up for the annual Boy Scout Spaghetti dinner fundraiser and it's Girl Scout cookie time! Whew!

Hope all is well with everyone!



Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12 Days of Christmas

Hi there!

It has been non stop around here lately. Lots of school activities, scouts, and Christmas preparations going on. And I still have some Christmas sewing projects to work on, too! If you've been enjoying my "In My Home", I apologize that I didn't get one up this past week. It has just been that hectic!

Today, though, I want to talk about the 12 days of Christmas. As you may or may not know, the 12 days of Christmas are actually the 12 days after Christmas, beginning on December 26 and continuing to January 6, or Twelfth Night (also Epiphany). I thought it might be fun, however, to do a 12 days of Christmas countdown. I'm going to start on day 1 (today) with 12 things, day 2 will be 11 things, and so on. Let's get started!

On the first day of the Christmas Countdown, my blog friend gave to me, twelve Christmas songs to enjoy!

In no particular order...

1. White Christmas

2. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

3. The Chipmunk Song

4. I Wonder as I Wander

5. Little Saint Nick

6. Mary Did You Know?

7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings

8. Someday At Christmas

9. Little Drummer Boy (Peace on Earth)

10. Santa Baby

11. The Grinch

12. Marshmallow World

Of course there are many more, but these are some of my family's very favorites! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Monday, December 5, 2016

MPM (December 5-11)

Hi friends!

What a week...and it's only Monday! It's the first full week of December and the calendar is filling up. Today, Henry had an after school band concert rehearsal (and Padraic has scouts). Oh, and Rhonda had a play rehearsal, too. Tomorrow is the big concert for Millie and Henry, Wednesday I'm going Christmas shopping with my mom and then the kids and I are going to her house to help decorate her tree, Millie has a field trip on Friday, and Saturday Millie and I are going to DC with the girl scouts. Whew! And of course, being Monday, the puppy chewed up one of my shoes! It was my own fault for leaving it out! Here's what is on the menu for our busy week:

Monday: Going to my inlaws

Tuesday: Carnitas with fixings, rice

Wednesday: Kids and I are eating at my mom and dads. DH will have leftovers

Thursday: Turkey and rice casserole

Friday: Probably leftovers

Saturday: No one will be home...I'll be in DC, Rhonda will be at Busch, Padraic has a scout lock in, and Henry will be with in laws. DH is going to a friends house.

Sunday: Scalloped potatoes and ham, fried cabbage

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