Sunday, January 6, 2019

In My Home This Week (December 31-January 5)

Hello, friends!

Well, here we are. Almost a full week in a new year! It's been a fairly quiet week here as the kids didn't have to go back to school until Wednesday. We stayed in for New Year's, as we usually do. I bought snack food for our dinner and we went out for a nice lunch. The place we went to has reduced prices at lunch time, so that was a nice savings there. Here's what went on in my home this week:

~stayed in for New Year's Eve and had a quiet evening at home.

~got back into our normal routine

~DS13 had a friend spend the night and I bought them pizza, using a coupon. Saved $13

~worked on a swap I'm participating using only items I have on hand, even though I'm itching to buy new paper. lol!

~made meals using some leftovers from Christmas that I had previously frozen

~used some avocados that were getting a bit too ripe to make chocolate avocado mousse before they went bad

~stayed at home most of the week, combing errands and grocery shopping, to save on gas

I think that is about all, this week. As I said, it was fairly quiet. Now to take down the Christmas tree! It's usually done by now, but we had several days of rain and I couldn't get out to the shed to get the storage boxes!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year! MPM (December 30-January 5)

Another year come and gone. It's hard to believe. It really is true that the older you get, the faster time goes. There were a lot of changes this past year and more to come as the children get older and come into being their own persons. This year my oldest will be 19! There will also be a 17 year old, 15 year old, and 14 year old. I myself am edging ever closer to 50. My style is changing. *I* am changing. And it isn't bad at all. I will be making more of an effort to blog this year. I read an entry from last year (well, 2018) from the beginning of the year, where we had a major snowfall. I really want to capture those moments and find the best way is to record them here. I tried a pen and paper journal, but that failed more miserably than the blog did. lol! Another thing I will be doing is going back to a vegan diet. I had transitioned to one around the middle of the summer and *loved* it. I had lost a little weight (which was my main reason for transitioning), but more importantly, I felt so good! I was happy more often than not (I have depression), things that hurt (knee, leg, feet) didn't, and I had a ton of energy. For one reason or another, I slipped into old eating habits around October and have been struggling with returning to vegan eating. As with any change in an eating lifestyle, the key is to be prepared and I was seriously lacking in that department. Tomorrow I plan to make a few things ahead to have them at the ready! Now on to this weeks menu:

Sunday- City chicken (made with leftover pork), rice, steamed broccoli

Monday- Snack foods

Tuesday- Pork chops, sauerkraut, Hoppin' John, mashed potatoes, corn

Wednesday- Beef stew, biscuits

Thursday- Turkey and rice casserole, steamed broccoli

Friday- Out

Saturday- Ham fried rice

I have a few other plans for the new year, too, but I hesitate to call them resolutions. How about you? For more menu ideas, head to!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

In My Home This Week (June 17-23)

It was a pretty quiet week this past week. Not a lot going on, which is nice :) I like to be busy and productive, but sometimes it is good to slow down and take it easy. Here's what I was up to this past week:

1. I've been invited to go with a friend to get a facial, so I made a thank you card using supplies on hand.

2. I continued to use things on hand to stretch my food budget.

3. The children and I went with my mom to her neighborhood pool. This will be a weekly summer treat :)

4. I cleaned out my dresser and bagged up some donations for the thrift. I also made a list of items I need to look for.

5. I downloaded a few free kindle books.

6. I attended a free sock making class presented by a member of my needlecraft guild. It was the second one and there will be two more. I've always wanted to learn how to knit socks!

7. I worked on said sock, plus a small cross stitch pattern, a knitted summer hat, and I made a dishcloth using a new to me technique called corner to corner crochet. It was fast and kind of project!

8. I started another dishcloth using the same technique.

9. I did the usually cooking from scratch and cleaning.

10. I went to see my eldest girl :) She's attending a five week summer program at the school she'll be attending in the fall. She's only been gone a week, but I miss her so much! It was wonderful to see her. The school is about two hours away.

11. I worked on a summer schedule for the remaining children at home, using free online resources. I have two wanting to learn German (one of whom will be taking German in the fall. She just wants a jump start), two wanting to learn how to knit, one that needs to practice guitar, one that wants to start Geometry, one that needs to keep up with their Latin, and they all need to do summer reading.

12. I signed up my middle daughter for the summer bridge program at the high school she'll be attending in the fall. It's four, half days in August.

13. I started making my list for the beach! We'll be leaving on July 16 and I can't wait! The children and I look forward to this trip all year long :)

That's about all for me this week. What did you do?

Monday, June 25, 2018

Using What You've Got...MPM (June 25-July1)

Hey there!

This year has really flown by! Summer is already in full swing and in just over a week, it will be Independence Day! There has been a lot going on around here and my menu has been all over the place. So has my cleaning routine, but that's another story for another day! I'm back at it though. Some unexpected purchases have me searching in the pantry and freezer for easy summer meal ideas, as I haven't had my usual grocery budget.

Unfortunately, we are one of millions of households that live paycheck to paycheck. I do my best though, to really stretch my dollars when I can. The freezer isn't very stocked (it's small and honestly hard to organize. When I get a new fridge...whenever that will be...I will not get one with the freezer on the bottom!), but the pantry has some treasures. DH is out of town until Saturday, so that has helped stretch the budget, too.

Here is what is on the menu this week:

Monday- kids ate at Grandma's.

Tuesday- breakfast nachos

Wednesday- my version of American goulash

Thursday- kids will be back at Grandma's.

Friday- cheesy polenta with cherry tomatoes and spinach

Saturday- Your On Your Own

Sunday- Hungarian hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, cucumber salad, peanut butter pie

What's on your menu this week? Check out orgjunkie for ideas.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Menu Plan (January 8-14)

Yes, I know it's Wednesday, but I'm just now thinking about writing this up. lol! I've had the menu finished for awhile and, in fact, we've been eating from said menu. Just haven't written it here! Here's what's on the menu for this week:


Mashed potatoes
Lima beans


Fried cabbage
Green beans


Baked eggs
Apple slices
Fried Spam


Confederate Beef Stew/German Beef Skillet


Out to dinner


Your On Your Own


Deviled eggs
Cheesy creamed spinach
Mashed potatoes
Pudding parfaits

What's on your menu? Check out orgjunkie for inspiration!

A Long Week!


Hello! As I mentioned, last Thursday we had a blizzard. Do you know there is still no school? Fingers crossed it starts back tomorrow! It's not the kids, they are great! But, we have a family friend who lives with us (who is a teacher) and they are driving me crazy!!! I am so ready for them to go back to work! lol!

I am joining in Patsi's $5 a week Pantry Challenge. When I ventured out to do my shopping on Monday, I found some spectacular deals! One of the best was on the store brand flour. I was able to pick up 5, 5 pound bags for $0.99/bag!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

In My Home This Week (January 1-7)

Well! What a week we had at my house this week! The children went back to school on Tuesday and on Wednesday they had an early release due to an impending snow storm! It did, indeed, snow Wednesday evening and into Thursday. We had a blizzard, which is not common for our area, and measured 11 inches in our back yard! Needless to say, there was no school on Thursday or Friday and there will be no school tomorrow as the roads are still bad. Thankfully, the temperatures will get above freezing tomorrow, so hopefully the snow will melt!

I did go out on Wednesday afternoon to pick up a few things, but we were in pretty good shape. Because of the snow and the kids being home, not much went on except having a good time! We had homemade cocoa, the kids played in the snow, I did a little card making. It's been nice, but I'm ready for school to start back up! lol!

I'm starting to run low on a few things, so I think I'll try heading out tomorrow morning. I could actually make about three more meals or so from things in the pantry, but I know it's not stuff everyone would like. lol! I know the main roads are good, it's just getting to them!

Have a wonderful week!